Sandhills Model Aircraft Club

                                                         AMA Chartered Club#1482



WE don't fly 'drones'; WE fly model aircraft.



The Sandhills Model Aircraft Club is a group of model aviation enthusiasts who meet to fly radio controlled model aircraft and discuss various aspects of the hobby/sport. Most of our club members fly powered airplanes ranging from .40 size glow engine sport airplanes to large electric and gasoline powered sport and aerobatic aircraft. Additionally, a few of us also fly glow, gasoline and electric powered helicopters and some members even fly gliders. As you can see we have quite a diverse group of flyers and our primary goal is to have fun enjoying the sport of model aviation.

Our field is located between Carthage, NC and Cameron, NC on Hwy 24/27 on a working hay farm. The runway is well kept and mowed closely grass 75 feet wide and aprox 534 feet long. The field also host a shelter, picnic table, chairs, transmitter impound box, engine test stand, a large work table and porta potty. There is also 4 roomy pilot stations large enough to accommodate the pilot and a spotter with room to spare.

Most of our activities take place on the week-ends weather permiting, but some of the members come out during the week and get a bit of flying in. Spectors are always welcome to stop by and watch and talk with our members.



SMAC 2015